Dipl.Phys. Igor Barsukov

Spatial Resolved Magnetic Spectrocopy

Ferromagnetic Resonance is a powerful technique for studying static and dynamic magnetic properties of ferromagnets. Combining this spectroscopy technique with the scanning microscopy allows for investigations on the nanometer scale. The scanning technique was realized by a thermal scanning microscop. It is capable to directly measure the heat locally generated by the ferromagnetic resonance in the sample.

FIG. 1

The setup is divided in two parts: the conventional FMR and the microscopy (in the red box). The conventional FMR consists of a microwave cavity (s. figure 2) placed between the pole pieces of an electromagnet. For detailed decsribtion of FMR please see "FMR - Review".

FIG. 2

Distribution of the microwave fields within the cavity and sample.

Related publications:

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